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About the Chamber


The purpose of the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce is to promote the cultural, educational and industrial interests of the East Dallas Area so that its businesses, neighborhoods and citizens shall prosper.


The multifaceted approach of the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce provides benefits to our members in a variety of different arenas. We offer a number of forums for the promotion of all of our member businesses. We are also proud to provide our members with relevant information regarding the East Dallas community, as well as insight into local, state and national government issues. The events that provide a conduit for these benefits, and others, include our monthly luncheons that highlight a variety of topics addressed by featured keynote speakers. We also present an annual Economic Summit - essentially a "state of the union" with respect to the Dallas Economy. Member businesses and guests are encouraged to gather and exchange information through our numerous networking events, especially our Business After Hours excursions, which are hosted by a spotlighted member business. Sponsorship opportunities abound for these events, as well as for many of our other Chamber gatherings. For more information, please contact the chamber directly.


  • 1967 Greater East & South Dallas COC merged with the Eastern Dallas COC. At the time they were under the leadership of Sheffie Kadane Sr, President of Pure Ice & Cold Storage Co.
  • 1971 The Greater East & South Dallas COC changed name to the East Dallas COC under leadership of Don Wright of Lakewood Bank & Trust
  • 1985 Lakewood Business Men's Association of Dallas, established in 1948 changed entity name to be officially known as the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. Jim Davis, then of Country Garden Florist and more recently known as the Founder of DOT (Disciples of Trinity), at that time led the Chamber serving several years at its Chairman
  • 1996 the East Dallas COC led by Sherryl Wesson of Ebby Halliday Realtors and the Lakewood COC led by Annette Stone of State Farm Insurance joined forces, merging and changing name to Dallas Northeast COC
  • 2013, under the leadership of Roger Perry (Lakehill Preparatory School headmaster) in his 3rd year as Chairman, name officially changed to the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce

The Greater East Dallas Chamber is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the State of Texas Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce
The first Chamber of Commerce was originated in Marseilles, France, late in the 17th century.  Today, every country in the world has a chamber in some form.  In the United States, there are more than 40,000 Chambers of Commerce, most of which serve local communities.

CELEBRATING  79  YEARS   1945-2024


1952       John A. Maxwell
1953       Bruce Alger
1954       J. L. Parker
1955       Dr. John H. McCullough
1956       Lee McShan
1957       Donald G. Dossett
1958       Jerry R. Hanna
1959       John A. Maxwell
1960       Robert C. Haden
1962       James Fountain
1963       Roy T. Moses
1964       Frank I. Hopkins
1965       Frank I. Hopkins
1966       Lyle W. Ozmun
1967       Sheffield Kadane
1968       Sheffield Kadane
1970       Lyle Ozmun
1971       Don Wright
1972       Bill Wood
1973       Herschel Brown
1974       Richard Cobb
1975       John M. Davis
1976       Earl Allen
1977       Myrtie Britain
1978       Robert L. Burns
1979       George Thomas
1980       Paul Lokey
1981       Cecil Mills
1982       Virginia Belcher
1983       Earl Allen                                             .
1984       Louis Gorr
1985       Greg Upp
1986       Liz Minyard Lokey
1987       Carl Schieffer
1988       Jack Gorman
1989       Jack Gorman
1990       Elizabeth Zaby
1991       Michaux Nash, Jr
1992       Bill Cook
1993       Pete Sessions
1994       Suzanne Cochran
1995       Greg Blair
1996       Sherryl Wesson
1997       Sandi Vullo
1998       Don Wilson
1999       Joy Hopkins
2000       Larry Jones
2001       Mary Bedosky
2002       Mary Bedosky
2003       Bulldog Cunningham
2004       Bulldog Cunningham
2005       Michael Miles
2006       Michael Miles
2007       Charlotte Herr
2008       Dr. Rick Sorrells
2009       Mary Poss
2010       Mary Poss
2011       Roger Perry
2012       Roger Perry
2013       Roger Perry
2014       Darlene Doxey Ellison
2015       Darlene Doxey Ellison
2016       Andrea Sanders
2017       Andrea Sanders
2018       Darlene Doxey Ellison
2019       Mike Nurre
2020       Steve Moore
2021       Brad Grist
2022       Brad Grist
2023       Karen Hettrick








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