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Membership FAQ

FAQ: New Membership Dues Program

General Information

Q1: What is the New Tiered Dues and Membership Program?
A1: The Chamber’s New Tiered Dues and Benefits Program is an updated, tiered membership structure, designed to greatly enhance your member experience by offering tailored benefits, increased value, and streamlined access.

Q2: When does the new program start?
A2: The new tiered dues and benefits take effect June 1st, 2024.

Q3: Who is this program for?
A3: This program is for all current members upon renewal, and future members after June 1, 2024.

New Features and Benefits

Q4: What are the enhanced tiered benefits?
A4: The enhanced tiered benefits are specific for each membership level, ensuring that businesses of various sizes, stages of growth, and desired goals can find the right membership option to fit their needs.

Q5: How has the value of my membership increased?
A5: You can expect significantly greater value, both in the quality and quantity of benefits.

  • There are more networking opportunities – breakfast, lunch, after-hours, at locations spread across our service area.
  • Additional promotional avenues to increase your brand awareness across the Greater East Dallas community.
  • Expanded sponsorship opportunities for every budget.
  • Enhanced training and business development workshops.
  • Stronger advocacy for our cultural, educational and commercial interests.
  • and additional resources designed to support the success of member organizations.

Membership in the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce is not only an investment in the success of your organization, but the Greater East Dallas community as a whole.

Q6: What changes have been made to the enrollment and renewal process?
A6: The enrollment and renewal process has been simplified, making it quick and easy for members to manage their membership and access benefits.

Impact and Importance

Q7: Why are these changes important?
A7: These changes are designed to empower our members with the tools needed for continued growth and success. Our benefits suite has been developed based on member feedback, and a thoughtful analysis of offerings from other chambers.

Actions Required

Q8: What do members need to do after June 1st?
A8: Members should visit the Chamber's website at membership application page to review the new membership tiers and detailed benefits. For any questions, members can contact the membership team at

Support and Additional Information

Q9: Where can I find more information about the new membership tiers and benefits?
A9: More information is available on the Chamber's website at the provided link. Detailed descriptions of each membership level and their benefits can be found there.

Q10: Who can I contact for further assistance?
A10: For further assistance, please contact the membership team at

Feedback and Future Updates

Q11: How can I provide feedback about the new program?
A11: Your feedback is welcome and can be emailed to the membership team at The Chamber values member input, as our Board of Directors and Membership Committee work to provide exceptional value to our members.

Q12: Will there be future updates or enhancements to the membership program?
A12: Yes! The Chamber continuously evaluates and updates our benefits package to ensure we meet the evolving needs of our members. Updates will be communicated as needed.